5 Things To Know When Choosing The Best Shade Structure Supplier In Dubai

If you are thinking about getting a custom shaded structure for your facility, it’s important to do proper research so you can be sure that the company that makes your shaded structure will provide what you want according to your needs. Here are 5 things worth knowing before making a purchase:

1) Materials

When it comes to building structures in Dubai or UAE, there is one material that is constantly incorporated into almost every type of construction – steel. Steel is easily manipulated and allows for different types of structures, like columns and beams, that can be used to create roofs or other structures. It’s also one of the most affordable materials when it comes to construction in Dubai.

2) Installation

When you buy a custom structure from a supplier, depending on what you’re trying to build, they should have an idea as well about how to install everything for you too. There are many options when it comes to shade structures in UAE – some are set up with concrete footings while others simply rely on sandbags or other weighty objects. Most companies will be able to explain these different methods during your initial consultation so that you know what kind of installation is necessary before making your purchase.

3) Materials Used In The Structure

The frame and any other components that are being used to make your shade structure should all be made from materials that weather well in Dubai. The sun can sometimes be relentless and even steel may not withstand constant exposure without needing some type of shade. Make sure that any material used is capable of withstanding the harsh elements so you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing parts for a long time!

4) Design

When it comes to designing your structure, you need layout plans that detail how everything will fit together when you get it installed on site. It’s important for your designer to talk with you about what needs do and why certain aspects need to be included in the design – this way they can produce drawings that incorporate everything necessary as well as showing things like future expansion capabilities. If you’re looking at a custom design, make sure that you know what is and isn’t possible for the structure so you don’t have to worry about any last minute changes costing you in the long run.

5) Maintenance

Just because your shade structure looks nice when it’s first installed doesn’t mean that it will always stay that way. Make sure that if something does break or needs repair, you know where to go and how much it will cost to get fixed – and maintenance should be included on any kind of warranty offered with your purchase!

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