How Central Vacuums are used for the Cleaning of Carpets?

how does a central vacuum system work

Removal of stains with gall soap

We expressly advise against the use of chemical cleaning agents. Here is a recipe for a natural gall soap stain remover:

  • Use gall soap and warm water to remove stains from your carpets. Gall soap is lipid-replenishing. This is how you get the natural protective film of the wool. Take a bowl and add about two cups of warm water. Then you put a few drops of liquid gall soap in the bowl. Then stir the lye so that it forms a foam.
  • Before using lye on the front of the rug, test the lye on the back to see if the colors bleed or another damage is occurring to the rug. 
  • Then take a soft brush, dip it into the lye you have prepared yourself, and rub the brush over the stained area of ​​the carpet with little pressure. You have to rub really carefully so as not to damage the fibers of the carpet. Then pat the area dry with a soft, clean cloth. If the stain hasn’t been completely removed, repeat the step until the carpet is cleaned. This can be a tedious process, but take your time and do it carefully and thoroughly.
  • For that reason, central vacuums cleaners also suck out the extra cleaner from the carpets.


A damp rug should never lie flat with the central vacuum cleaner on the floor. That leads to rot and mold. After rinsing a stain with water, make sure that the carpet is clear of the floor surface to allow air to circulate until the carpet is completely dry. Furthermore, the central vacuum cleaner is also a wet/dry vacuum that will be designed especially for the cleaning of carpets. You don’t have to lift the entire carpet off the floor to do this. You can raise the rug by placing things under different areas of the rug. This allows the air to circulate and the moisture to evaporate. 

It is important to have a detailed knowledge of how does a central vacuum system work? So, that you can clean your carpets with these best central vacuums that are plugged in the center switch of the house and cleans the entire house.

how does a central vacuum system work

A job for professionals

Apart from the initial treatment of fresh stains, you should leave the stain removal to a professional. Cleaning an oriental rug is difficult with a central vacuum cleaner. If you use the wrong cleaning solutions, you can accidentally damage the carpet and bleed the colors. If you have to clean oriental carpets, especially old or antique pieces, you should trust a specialist if possible.

Plus, a professional central powerhead vacuum cleaner can work wonders when it comes to removing stains. This is especially true if the stains have been pretreated quickly and carefully as recommended by us.

If you want to have your vacuum cleaner, that will be washed and cleaned the carpets professionally, then you should know about the best central vacuum cleaners

How do I receive and care for my carpet with a vacuum cleaner?

If you have a good quality of a central vacuum cleaner for carpets with a good, greasy wool quality, even stains from food or drinks usually do not cause long-term damage. You should enjoy life with the best central vacuum cleaner for carpets and not have to worry. Even if your guests spill tea or make a mess with their food. The vast majority of stains can be removed with a professional central powerhead vacuum cleaner that cleans the dust and debris if they have been pretreated quickly and carefully as described above.

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