Dubai SEO Services: How Many Keywords Are Useful?

Search Engine Optimization is an important component for any website. But how many keywords per page are necessary to generate organic traffic? The short answer is: as many as necessary to present and explain your topic. In this blog post, we will explain the benefits that come with the right keyword count and give some tips on how to determine the best SEO keyword count that a page should ideally target.

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Why is the number of keywords relevant? 

For years, Dubai Seo Services and SEO experts have been trying to find the right number of SEO keywords per page. Why is that so important? Well, the basic idea is simple: the more keywords you use on your site, the higher the chance of being found by search engines. But of course you can’t just integrate any number of keywords into the text. If you include too many or inappropriate keywords in your text, the search engine algorithm will probably penalize your site for keyword stuffing . Not only do you risk that search engines will rank your page worse or even remove it from the index – your readers will also very likely be deterred and the quality of the text will suffer. 

So how many keywords are optimal? The admittedly unsatisfactory answer is: It depends. If you want to be successful, you should find a balance between search engine efficiency and readability . In general, however, it is advisable to set 1 to 2 percent of the total number of words as keywords – or in other words: 1-2 keywords per 100 words of text. When choosing the right SEO keywords, you should keep in mind that the relevance for your product or service is paramount – after all, it should be readable for people and not impress machines! 

Considering all of these factors, it’s hard to say exactly how many keywords per text makes sense. When choosing keywords, however, you should make sure that you use relevant keywords for your site, so that your SEO measures are also successful. If you place the right keywords in the right places, your page will automatically be preferred by search engines (and by readers).

How should keywords be chosen? 

Choosing the right keywords is an important part of on-page SEO. First, of course, you should think about what topic your website is aimed at. This is necessary because it forms the basis for your SEO keyword optimization. For example, if you own a website about fashion, you should focus on that topic and not other things. After that, you should think about what words or phrases most people would use when searching for the topic. Here the search intention of the user is in the foreground. These very words or phrases will become your SEO keywords. 

There are different methods to find the best keywords. The first method is to simply type your topic into Google and see which words come up the most. Many speak of the “tool” Google Suggest. The second method, which is admittedly more difficult to implement, is to talk to people who are well-versed in the subject and find out how they would look for it. The last method is to think about what searches you would do yourself to find your website. 

Sometimes it makes sense to use more keywords 

It always depends on the respective website how many keywords per text make sense. If the site and topic are very complex and there are many subpages that are all related to each other, it pays to use more keywords per text. This ensures that all relevant search queries are covered and that the site appeals to a wide audience. The more keywords or keyword phrases you use, the more relevant search queries you can cover. However, you should still make sure to use relevant keywords in SEO. Reaching a relevant audience can be difficult if you use too many keywords that do not fit the topic of the text or the website. Also, at worst, as mentioned above, you can be guilty of keyword stuffing. It is therefore important 

Due to the different SEO strategies, it is difficult to determine how many keywords per page make the most sense. However, it is always advisable not to use too many keywords, as too many keywords disrupt the flow of reading and your page may perform poorly in search engines. A balanced mix is ​​the be-all and end-all here. The SEO keywords should be inserted into the text in a natural way, without disturbing the flow of reading or being noticeable. 

Finally, it can be worth investing resources in planning an SEO strategy. This is the best way to ensure that your websites rank high for the right search terms and that you can welcome more visitors to your site. 

But you don’t know where to start? Or have you already implemented measures that simply do not lead to the desired goal? No problem – we will help you! Our SEO experts will be happy to advise you on which SEO measures are useful or necessary for your website. Simply arrange a callback appointment today:

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